– Abstract guidelines –

Abstracts can be submitted until 1st  June 2020

Submission of an abstract for AIMID 2020 indicates your consent for the abstract to be available within the congress literature. 

The text must be formatted in Arial font size 10. ALL CAPS for text (other than abbreviations or acronyms) are not allowed. The abstract text may not be longer than a maximum of 2400 characters including spaces (approx. 350 words).

Abstract titles must be submitted according to the scientific rules (See spelling guidelines). Titles in ALL CAPS (other than abbreviations or acronyms) are not allowed.

Abstract body

Use the abstract submission application to send your abstract. This includes: Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussion. 


A jpeg file including one picture or one graph or one table (of up to ten rows x ten columns) per abstract can be sent. Words within the table do not count towards the total maximum of words allowed. 

Spelling guidelines

The International System of Units (SI) should be used wherever appropriate. Genus and species names should be written in full on first mention and then abbreviated on subsequent mention.

The following scientific rules apply:

  • Systematic names at the genus level or above are capitalized (Chlamydia, Enterobacteriaceae, Picornaviridae).
  • Genus and species are italicized, e.g. Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium difficile.
  • Non-systematic names (e.g. plural) are lower case and not italicized (group A streptococci, mycobacteria, chlamydiae).
  • Generic drug names are lower case (penicillin).
  • Non-English expressions in English texts are written in italics, e.g. in vitro/in vivo
  • Do not use brand names in titles; product names are allowed, but should be avoided in the title.
  • Please observe standard English grammar rules including a space after full stops and commas.
  • Only common abbreviations may be used without definition.


The maximum number of authors is limited to eight. The maximum number of submissions is limited to three per author. Authors and author affiliations can be changed until 30th June 2020. 

Please note that AIMID 2020 registration of at least one of the authors before 1st July 2020 is a mandatory requirement to allow the inclusion of your abstract within the AIMID 2020 programme. 

Submit your abstract

Please make sure to have all fields completed before you finally submit your abstract. Preferred type of presentation (oral or poster) may be indicated. Abstracts should be focused on the Meeting topics. A full list of abstract topics may be found here.

Please note that changes in the abstract are not possible after submission. You will receive a confirmation by email after the submission. 

Following AIMID, a certificate of presentation will be sent to the presenting author only. The presenting author is then responsible for disseminating this certificate amongst any co-authors.

Certificates will not be awarded to authors that are not present during their poster session at AIMID, or whose posters do not comply with the requirements for size and format.


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If you have any questions or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Important Dates


We regret to announce that AIMID 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic and moved to September 23th and 24th, 2021.

We will try to keep the speaker program and enhance it with new topics and speakers. We thank  your comprehension and hope to see you in 2021 in Oviedo .

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